My boyfriend is losing interest in me, what should I do?

My boyfriend is losing interest in me, what should I do?

Men and women are naturally programmed to form relationships. But often relationships do not last long. The case is the worst in the case of women. Often their boyfriends lose interest in them, what should they do? As to John Gray, affair difficulty between love couple often originates from their distinguished mental possession and stubbornness. Often females fall into a dilemma as to why their boyfriends are losing interest in them. But this has specific signs and reasons.

So, my boyfriend is losing interest in me, what should I do? This is a crucial question for us!

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Losing Interest in You:


The love is on the wane:

You can easily feel that. Your BF (Boyfriend) is having minimal sexual intercourse, less frequent dating, limited passion in quixotic activities, etc.

Your BF looks vexed:

Although it is natural for love partners to feel nagged at each other in season and out of season if these incidents get extreme, it might indicate your BF is planning to break up with you.

Your BF hardly rings you over the phone:

It is a clear trace that your BF is losing curiosity in you. He might be busy with another girl or some work or other people and do not think you much important now.

Your BF hesitate/avoid talking about your future life:

If you are in a new relationship and your BF does not show interest or hesitate to talk about or avoid talking about your future life, it is a negative sign that your BF does not want to continue with you any longer.

Your BF doesn’t support you:

Backing a GF (Girlfriend) is cumbersome and needs much time. If your BF doesn’t want to support you then be assured he has another plan and has lost interest in you and doesn’t want to take any burden further.

You don’t have authority in decision making:

If your BF does not give you equal right to exercise decision-making power then you have no importance in his life. Sheer he thinks you are no good for him now and he doesn’t need you more.

My boyfriend is losing interest in me, what should I do?
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Probable reasons your BF is losing interest in you:


1. Perhaps your maiden date was not successful. You might blindly trust your BF. Your Bf from the beginning did not much like you. And you realize that now.

2. You cannot cope well with your BF. There is no unanimity between your choice, likes and dislikes and decision making, etc.

3. Your BF was a Playboy who finds pleasure in changing women. Beware of this kind of man. They do much harm to simple-minded girls.

4. You are no longer attractive to your BF. Perhaps you have become bulky, or age, or no longer attractive in your BFs eye.

5. Something was wrong regarding the sex.

6. When your BF has got a better one than you, he certainly might lose interest in you.

7. Lots of men are not going to admit that what they want is real sex. If you do not do so he will drastically miss the charm in you and find a new one.

8. Your BF may lose interest in you of your relationship is quite carnal. Men are fond of exotic relationship. Change the monotonous routine of your meeting and talking so that your BF does not feel bored and present yourself before him attractively.

9. BFs may lose interest in GFs when the inaugural charm is lost. When your BF thinks that he has taken enough and given you enough he will lose interest in you.

10. Your Bf often loses interest in you when you tell him to prepare for your future life. He feels it is a burden. He likes independence and doesn’t like to be burdened with a family.

11. Your BF is interested but he is facing life hardships. Perhaps he has lost his job, or in short of money, seriously ill and not telling you, family hardship, etc.

12. You are overly criticizing your BF on trifle matters.

13. Probably your BF has misunderstood you. Someone out of jealousy may have created the wrong information and this root cause of this misunderstanding.

14. You might have communicated or met with your BF for a long time. And your BF has thought that you are cheating on him.

My boyfriend is losing interest in me, what should I do?
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What should you do?

1. Don’t take all the blame yourself personally. It takes two to make a quarrel. Do not always think you are solely responsible for this rather your BF might be engaged in some deeds for losing interest in you.

2. Don’t get frustrated if the relationship breaks up. Contact your partner and tell him everything vividly as to find out what is his intention about your relationship.

3. Try to make contact over the phone with your BF if he is not meeting with you physically, send him an SMS but do it tactfully. But if he is irresponsive just leave him.

4. If your BF gets engaged with another girl don’t fall a victim to digital dating rather go under courtship with someone trustworthy.

5. Give time to look at yourself as attractive to your BF. Ignore oily, fast food, and do regular physical exercise. Wear fashionable clothes and make-up to look attractive.

6. Try to get along well with your BF. Don’t raise a storm in a teacup over trifle matter. Rather try to manage him and make yourself a bit cool. You can try meditation or Yoga.

7. Before choosing a BF, inspect every particular about him so that you do not fall victim to a Playboy.

The path of life is not placid. There ups and downs in a human’s life. It is natural and very likely that your boyfriends will lose interest in you and what should do depends upon the circumstances and situations. Is your boyfriend losing interest in you, and what should you do now? Follow the above steps. This list is not exclusive. There are many other things to mention. Feel free to share your thoughts about this issue. You are highly appreciated.


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