How to be a good girlfriend in a long-distance relationship?

How to be a good girlfriend in a long-distance relationship? [31 tips for lost souls]

“If you want to live together, you first need to learn how to live apart.” (Anon)

Becoming a girlfriend in a long-distance relationship is tough. It pays you dearly since you cannot do things like hugs or sex. You have to rely on your phone and letters mostly. You often feel lonely and a craving desire to hunch you back to meet your partner physically. However, if you cannot tackle yourself your relationship might not last long. But, how to be a good girlfriend in a long-distance relationship?

Ways to be a good girlfriend in a long-distance relationship:


1. Communicate with your boyfriend (BF) regularly. It does not necessarily mean that you have to phone or chat when you find time but you do communicate regularly.

2. You should not all the time talk over the smartphone. Rather see the same movie or prepare the identical supper. You can also have a candlelight dinner instead of being in identical places.

3. Plan for your future visits when you think it essential. You will perceive good doing this. You can plan for this at your commodious period. Wait for long periods if you have to because you will see each other physically.

4. In case your BF comes to see you, sever the travel bill if possible.

5. Try to make the fullest use of your spare time. Suppose your BF has spent with you a week. Now go to the reading club, do exercise in the gym or do cycling, swimming, etc.

6. Try to be honest with your BF. Trust him as he trusts you and bears your patience.

7. It is okay to text, SMS, or send pictures or videos to your BF’s smartphone, but please don’t do them excessively. These may irritate your BF.

8. Speak dirty with your BF. Send sexts and excitant statements. These add fuel to your relationship.

9. Keep aloof from fatal situations. Don’t all the time be driven by your heart, hark to your psyche also.

10. Perform tasks side by side; like watching movies, TV programs, reading books, etc. While doing these you can converse about them.

How to be a good girlfriend in a long-distance relationship?
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Hope, above 10 golden ways show you path aginst “How to be a good girlfriend in a long-distance relationship?”


The below point makes you expert, when any other ask you “How to be a good girlfriend in a long-distance relationship?” If you can apply the below theory in your practical life, you will build the happiest life by yourself. I Hope, then you want to contact us to say thank you!

11. See off each other. When after long days of waiting, at last, you get to see and meet each other do things like- hug, kiss, hold hands, etc.

12. Make your future life plan. No person remains in a long-distance relationship for good. So, plan for your future life. Ask your BF what is thinking about your future life and tell him about your plan.

13. Don’t become bored when you are aside from BF. Rather relish your time with your family and pals.

14. Go to the gym, watch movies, do cycling, and give time to your hobby which is a constructive activity in your leisure time. This will reduce your loneliness.

15. Try to become more attractive to your BF. Try to slim. You can do that by discarding oily and fast food, regular physical exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. Also, take care of your skin.

16. Remain loyal to your BF. Share your feelings, sorrows, intentions with him. Don’t keep anything secret. If you conceal anything from him, someday it will show up to him. Be open and frank with each other.

17. Beware of each other’s cadaster. So that both of you don’t fall into an embarrassing situation. Know when your BF is free, then text him messages or give him a ring but not when he is busy in some other business.

18. Be informed of your BF’s social media activities. Give likes to each other’s posts and pictures on Instagram and Facebook and tweet on Twitter. You can also tag each other. Impart materials on each other’s walls. Doing these means you care about each other.

19. Give gifts to your BF. This can be anything. Don’t think it has to be much costly and BF would be impressed. A pen, fob chain, trimmer, and perfume- anything is okay. They carry value to your BF that he thinks you care for him.

20. Since you have to message a lot to your BF in a long-distance relationship, be sure to get the best messaging apps. There are many messaging apps like- Firebase, Viber, Line, To Talk, etc.

21. This is the age of smartphones. Still, you can send postcards or love letters to your BF. You can send flower bouquets on his birthdays and valentine Days and also on your anniversary. You can also give him surprise gifts.

22. To keep your long-distance relationships surviving you have to be positive at your every step. Although this relationship is tormenting and often you feel dejected, you have to keep in mind that patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.

23. You should introduce each other to your family and friends and remain updated.

24. Out of sincere love you can call each other by giving yourselves pet names.

How to be a good girlfriend in a long-distance relationship?
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If you practice the last 7 lucky statements, you just learn all about “How to be a good girlfriend in a long-distance relationship?“.


25. Try to be precise and mellow in your calls. Assure that your calls are imposing.

26. Try to have a digital date.

27. Discuss temporal and trifle matters. It exhorts and strengthens the bond of the relationship. You can talk about things like- a household chore, daily shopping, your minute illness, etc.

28. Never perform anything illogical out of wrath or being inverted. This may cost dearly.

29. Record your voice and send the audio record to your BF. You can record love quotes, songs, wishes, and anything.

30. Make a note in your mind when your BF has planned to do something. Then take a note of it on your smartphone or elsewhere. It bears weight on your relation.

31. To keep your mind fresh and free from loneliness you can do meditation and yoga. These will help enhance your control over the mind and remove the drudgery. Also, they will give the energy to work perfectly throughout the day.

From the above 31 tips achieve knowledge about “How to be a good girlfriend in a long-distance relationship?” Those are theories before applying in your life to solve (“How to be a good girlfriend in a long-distance relationship?) issue. Just think, you are smarter than others to apply in practice.

How to be a good girlfriend in a long-distance relationship? It’s the too valuable question in our loving life with a loving partner, below 31 tips help for losing souls. “Losthim” always with you to make your loving life successful with your unseen beautiful smile.

A long-distance relationship is no doubt painful and monotonous. But certainly, a woman can make it livable by following the above rules. There are many other rules for being a good girlfriend in a long-distance relationship. These are my opinion. So, what are your suggestions on how to be a good girlfriend in a long-distance relationship? Let us know your thoughts…!


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